Insect pests of Rice and their management

Farmers lose an estimated average of 37% of their rice crop to pests and diseases every year. For good crop management, timely and accurate diagnosis can reduce losses and for that proper identification and management of pests should be adopted.

Major pests of paddy are:-

Nursery Pests


 Pests of rice

1. Thrips (थ्रिप्स)  adult thrips
 2.  Green leafhopper (धान की पत्तियों के हरे फुदके)  green leaf hopper
 3.  Case worm (धान का बंका)  paddy rice case worm
 4.  Paddy stemborer (तना छेदक)  
 5.  Swarming Caterpillar(वृंद इल्ली)  swarming caterpillar


Main field Pests



 1.  Paddy stemborer (पीला तना छेदक)   
 2.  Gall midge (गाल मिज कीट)   gall midge
 3.  Swarming Caterpillar(वृंद इल्ली)  swarming caterpillar
 4.  Rice skipper  rice skipper
 5.  Leaf folder (or) leaf roller (पत्ती मोड़क कीट)  leaf folder
 6.  Horned caterpillar  rice horned caterpillar
 7.  Yellow hairy caterpillar  yellow hairy caterpillar
 8.  Grasshopper  grasshopper
 9.  Spiny Beetle / Rice hispa (धान का हिस्पा)  spiny beetle
 10.  Whorl maggo (वर्ल मेगट)  whorl maggot
 11.  Green leafhopper (धान की पत्तियों के हरे फुदके)  green leaf hopper
 12.  Brown plant leafhopper (भूरा भूनगा फुदका)  brown plant hopper
 13.  White-backed plant hopper (सफेद पीठ वाला भुनगा-फुदका)   white backed plant hopper
 14.  Mealy bug (मिली बग)  mealy bug
 15.  Ear head bug  rice earhead bug
 16.  Thrips(थ्रिप्स)  thrips





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