Insect pests of Maize in India

Maize can be attacked by a wide range of insects. Minor pests occur irregularly and will not be a problem every season.For the protection of maize crop, proper identification and management of pests should be adopted.Some pests of maize are given below:

Major Pests of Maize are:-


 1.  Stem fly  

stem fly

 2.  Stem borer(तना छेदक)  

stem borer

 3.  Pink stem borer(गुलाबी तना छेदक)  

pink stem borer

 4.   Corn Worm / Earworm  

 5.  Ear head bug (इयर हेड बग)  

earhead bug

 6.   Webworm  


 7.  Ash Weevil  

ash weevil

 8.  Leafhopper  

leaf hopper

 9.   Aphid or Plant Lice(एफिड्स)  


 10.   Shoot bug  

3.2.  Management practices for insect pests

Cultural Practices

  1. Deep summer ploughing followed by fallowing helps in exposing resting stage of
  2. Inter-cropping with legume reduces borer.
  3. Use of well-decomposed farm yard manure (FYM) reduces termite
  4. Plant spacing 75 cm x 18 cm in Kharif and 60 cm x 18 cm in Rabi is
  5. Balanced use of fertilizers (NPK 120:60:40) kg/ha and supplement of micronutrient.
  6. Proper water management practices to avoid foot rot.



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