Mahogany Giant

General Information

Mahogany Giant is a tall type and could be used for border planting. It has deep purple-black coloured foliage with purple underneath. Stem and petioles are purple in colour. It grows 12-15 inches tall. It prefers full Sun to Partial Shade. It could be used for border planting since it is a tall variety.


Salient features

Plant Height
Number of leaves 27.333
Number of branches 3.000
Stem girth 0.743 cm
Length of leaf with petiole 16.056 cm
Petiole length 3.400 cm
Diameter of leaf stalk 0.237 cm
Leaf width 9.700 cm
Length of leaf without petiole 13.467 cm




  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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