Leaf webber

Leaf webber: Crocidolomia binotalis

Symptoms of damage:

  • Newly hatched larvae feed initially on the chlorophyll of young leaves and later on older leaves, buds and pods, make webbings and live within
  • Severely attacked plants are defoliated
  • Seeds in the pods are eaten away

Identification of the pest:

  • Larva: Pale yellowish-brown, with a series of lateral and sublateral black spots and specks
  • Adult: Moths are yellowish-brown. Forewings have reddish-brown distinct and indistinct wavy lines and prominent white spots. Nearer to the thorax with a black tuft of hair. Hind wings are white with dark brown apical area


  • Spray any one of the insecticides
    • phosalone 35 EC @2 ml/lit
    • fenvalerate 20 EC @0.5 ml/lit



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