Leaf webber

Leaf webber: Crocidolomia binotalis

Symptoms of damage:

  • Young larva feeds gregariously on leaves
  • Later webs together the leaves feed within

Identification of pest:

  • Egg: laid in groups under surface of leaves.
  • Larva: green coloured.
  • Pupa: pupation takes place within the webbed up leaves
  • Adult: Forewings having distinct wavy lines and prominent wavy spots. Hind wings are semi hyaline colour


  • Remove and destroy the webbed leaves with caterpillars within
  • Set up light traps@1/ha
  • Encourage the activity of parasitoid: Cotesia crocidolomiae
  • Spray malathion 50 EC @ 0.1% or carbaryl 0.2%



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal.
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