Juicy Lucy

General Information

Juicy Lucy is wide, soft leaves of the coppery-red or maroon centre are surrounded at the edge with a lacy greenish yellow pattern. Leaves are purple underneath. Stems and petioles are light purplish in colour. Partial sun or high shade is good for best colour. It can be planted in garden beds, pots and baskets and can be planted more densely. It is also suited for hanging basket because of its compact dense nature.

Salient features
Plant Height 42.000 cm
Number of leaves 25.667
Number of branches 4.333
Stem girth 0.677 cm
Length of leaf with petiole 13.167 cm
Petiole length 2.467 cm
Diameter of leaf stalk 0.213 cm
Leaf width 8.833 cm
Length of leaf without petiole 10.700 cm





  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa


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