Jasmine Pests

Jasmine is one of the oldest fragrant flowers cultivated in India. The flower is used for various purposes like making garlands, making a bouquet, decorating hair of women, religious offering etc. More than 80 species of this flower are found in India, of which three species are used for commercial cultivation.They are Jasminum sambac (Gundumalli / Madurai Malli), J. auriculatum (Mullai) and J. grandiflorum (Jathimalli / Pitchi).

Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of jasmine in the country with an annual production of 77247 t  from the cultivated area of 9360 ha. The flowers produced in the state are being exported to the neighbouring countries viz., Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East countries. The major jasmine producing districts of Tamil Nadu are Dindigul, Salem, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Trichy, etc. Since the crop requires lots of manpower for harvesting and other operations, only small farmers are cultivating the crop. It is an ideal crop for small farmers whose land holdings are less than 1 acre.

There are some Pests given below which can damage its cultivation.For more information on these pests click the link.

Major pests are:-



 1.  Budworm: Hendecasis duplifascialis   jasmine budworm
 2.  Gallery worm: Elasmopalpus jasminophagus   gallery worm
 3.  Leaf web worm: Nausinoe geometralis   jasmine leaf web worm
 4.  Leaf roller: Glyphodes unionalis  Jasmine leaf roller
 5.  Jasmine eriophyid mite:  Aceria jasmini   jasmine eriophyid mite
 6.  Red spider mite: Tetranychus cinnabarinus  jasmine red spider mite
 7.  Tingid bug: Corythauma ayyari   Jasmine tingid bug
 8.  Whitefly:  Dialeurodes kirkaldyi  whitefly
 9.  Jasmine bug: Antestia cruciata  jasmine bug
 10.  Flower thrips: Thrips orientalis  flower thrips



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