Diseases of Jackfruit

Major diseases of Jackfruit are:-

1.Die-back: Botryodiplodia theobromae

jackfruit die back

  • The most of the die-back becomes evident by discolouration and darkening of the bark some distance from the tip.
  • The dark area advances and young green twigs start withering first at the base and then extending outwards along the veins of leaf edges.
  • The affected leaves turn brown and their margins roll upwards.
  • At this stage, the twig or branch dies, shrivels and falls.
  • There may be exudation of gum from affected branches. Such branches are often affected by shoot borers.
  • Infected twigs show internal discolouration.
  • Pruning of infected twigs followed by spraying of Carbendazim 0.1 per cent or Chlorothalonil 0.2 per cent is recommended.
  • Controlling shoot borers and shot-hole borers by suitable insecticides is also important in reducing die-back disease


2.Fruit rot: Rhizopus artocarpi

fruit rot of jackfruit
  • Young fruits and male inflorescences are badly attacked by the fungus and only a small percentage of the fruits reach maturity.
  • Female inflorescence and matured fruits are not usually attacked.
  • The disease is a soft rot. A large number of the affected fruits fan off early. In the first stage of attack ·the fungus appears as greyish growth with abundant mycelia which gradually becomes denser forming a black growth.
  • The fungus gradually advances until the whole fruit or the entire inflorescence rots and falls off.
  • Spray young fruits with Mancozeb 0.25% or Copper oxychloride 0.25 per cent at an interval of three weeks during the months of January, February and March.




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