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Irrigation-Maharashtra – Kisan Suvidha
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What to do?

  • Conserve soil and water through good agricultural practices.
  • Harvest rainwater through the construction of check dams and ponds.
  • Adopt crop diversification, seed production and nursery raising in water logged areas.
  • Adopt drip and sprinkler irrigation system to save 30-37% water and enhance crop quality and productivity.



Type of assistance

Quantum of assistance


1. For digging pond/well Limited to Rs. 60000 Rainfed area development programme



For tube well


Rs. 15000 to Rs. 25000/farm family


Rainfed area development programme

3. Procurement of lift irrigation system Rs. 10000 /farm family Rainfed area development programme

Pipes to carry water from the source

Rs. 15000 /farmer

to the field up to 800 meters (all types of pipes PVC, HDPE and as per requirement of the farmer)

NFSM-Pulses and ISOPOM
5. Drip irrigation system for oil palm Rs. 12450 per farmer

( 9meter x 9meter cropping density)

Oil Palm area expansion program (RKVY)
6. Plastic/ RCC based water harvesting structure/farm pond/ construction of community tank (100meter/100meter /3 meter). For the smaller size of the ponds/tanks cost will be admissible on the pro-rata basis, depending upon command area. Rs. 1725000 /unit for 10-hectare command area.

Rs. 150000/unit for 10-hectare command area.

Rs. 15.00 Lakh/unit in plain and ` 17.25, Lakh/unit in hilly areas for 10 hectares of the command area.






7. Water storage in farm pond/dug well.

For the smaller size of the ponds/dug wells, the cost will be admissible on pro rata basis.

75% of cost including lining on maximum (Measuring 20rneter x 20meter x 3meter).

50% of cost including lining on a maximum of Rs 1.20 Lakh/beneficiary for plains & ` 1.38 Lakh/beneficiary for hilly areas for command area of 2 ha. Moreover, Rs 100/cu. meter.


of Rs 1.38 Lakh/beneficiary @ Rs 115 per cu meter. NHM

8. Procurement of drip/sprinkler irrigation system limited up to 5 hectares/beneficiary. 50% of the cost for general category farmers. 60% for small and marginal farmers As per the subsidy limit prescribed by the Central Government. National Micro Irrigation Mission
9. Lining in old farm ponds to reduce the percolation losses. Rs. 40000 per pond of 20m x 20m x 3m Programme of Integrated Development of 60000 Pulses Villages in Rainfed Areas
10. Construction of new farm ponds with lining to reduce the percolation losses. Rs. 0.40 Lakhs per pound of 20mx 20m x 3m for construction and % 0.40 Lakhs for lining purpose Programme of Integrated Development of 60000 Pulses Villages in Rainfed Areas
11. Supply of diesel pump sets for oil palm Rs. 10,000/per set Oil palm area expansion program (RKVY)
12. Bore-well 100% assistance limited to Rs. 30000 Extending Green Revolution to Eastern India
13. Shallow tube wells 100% assistance limited to Rs. 12000 -do-
14. Pump Set 50% subject to a maximum of Rs. 10000 -do-
15. Inwell Boring Rs. 20000 Limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
16. Pipeline Rs. 20000 Limit per 300 metres SCP, TSP & OTSP
17. Pump Set Rs. 20000 Limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
18. New Well (as per EGS) Rs. 70000 to 100000 Limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
19. Farm Pond Rs. 35000 Limit (As per guidelines of SC) SCP, TSP & OTSP
20. Farm Pond Rs. 16515 to
Rs. 82240 Limit (As per size)
21. Drip Irrigation System Rs. 25000 Limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
22. Land Development Rs. 40000 Limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
23. Supply of Neem pulvarisor/grinder for the preparation of Neemark Rs. 15000 per unit Work plan Organic Farming Scheme
24. Bore well Rs. 50000 limit Oil palm area expansion programme(RKVY)
25. Repairs/Renovation  of Bodi Rs. 12833 to Rs. 44631 limits as per size RKVY
26. Tarpoulin supply Rs. 10000 limit SCP
27. Input supply Rs. 5000 limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
28. Bullock pair Rs. 30000 limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
29. Bullock cart Rs. 15000 limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
30. Old well-repairing Rs. 30000 limit SCP, TSP & OTSP
31. Kitchen Garden Rs. 200 per Beneficiary SCP, TSP & OTSP


Whom to Contact?

  • Nearest Office of Taluka Agriculture Officer, Sub-divisional Agriculture Officer, District Superintending Agriculture Officer, Divisional Joint Director of Agriculture.
  •  Website of Agriculture Department – www.mahaagri.gov.in
  • Kisan Call Center (Toll-Free No.) – 1800 – 180 – 1551



  • Farmers Portal, Government of India

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