Internode Borer

Internode Borer: Chilo sacchariphagus indicus


  • Caterpillars attack sugarcane plants after 3 months of planting.
  • Internodes constricted and shortened, with a number of boreholes
  • Boreholes are plugged with fresh excreta in the nodal region.
  • Frass materials are present on the affected portion.

Identification of pest:

  • Egg: Scale – like white eggs are laid by female moths in batches of 9-11, near the midribs, on leaf sheaths or on the stem.
  • Larva: White larva with four violet longitudinal stripes and light brown head.
  • Pupa: Pupation takes place in semi – dried sheath. Pupal period 7-10 days.
  • Adult: Straw coloured with a dark spot on each of the forewings.


Cultural method:

  • Use resistant varieties like CO 975,COJ 46 and CO 7304.
  • Select pest free setts for planting.

Physical method:

  • Collect and destroy the eggs periodically.
  • Detrash the crop on 150th and 210th day of planting. Detrashing dislodge the pupae that remain in the leaf sheath.
  • Install pheromone traps @ 10Nos. /ha for surveillance and monitoring, change the septa/lure once in 45 days.

Biological method:

  • Release egg parasitoid, Trichogramma chilonis at the rate of  @ 2.5 cc / release / ha. Six release at fortnightly intervals starting from 4th month onwards.

Chemical method:

  • Avoid the use of excessive nitrogenous fertilisers.




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