Intercultural operations of Tuberose – Kisan Suvidha
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Intercultural operations of Tuberose

Intercultural operations of Tuberose

High manure and irrigation requirement creates congenial conditions for the growth of various weeds. Hence to keep the plots clean and free of weeds and to avoid the exposure of bulbs, the plots should be weeded periodically and earthed-up once a month. Manual weeding is effective and should be done at monthly interval. Control of weeds by using chemicals is also found effective.

A pre-emergent treatment of Gramaxone (@ 3 litres/ha) followed by three post- emergent sprayings at intervals of 110 days in between the rows keeps the crop weed free. Application of Atrazine @ 3 kg/ha in 1000 litres of water as a pre-emergent weedicide also keeps the plots weed-free. Atrazine @1.0- 1.5 kg /ha in 1000 litres of water sprayed immediately after planting of bulbs, significantly reduces the weed population. Mulching the plots with strips of black polyethene, dried grass and chopped straw is effective in controlling weeds.

Hoeing between plants at regular intervals is helpful in loosening the soil and uprooting weeds. Earthing – up enables the spikes to grow erect, despite strong winds and rains. Earthing up to 10-15 cm height is done when plants are 15- 20 cm high. The flower-spikes should be supported by stakes after about 2 1/2 months of planting. Staking with bamboo or wooden sticks is done in beds and string or rope may be tied in three rows along the plant-rows to avoid lodging of plants.




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  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa


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