Insect pests of Okra in India

Okra is an important crop in India.There are many insect pests found in Okra like Fruit borer, Jassids, Aphids etc that may cause damage to the crop.For control measure of these pests, proper identification and management of these should be done.

Major Pests of Okra are:-



 1.  Shoot and fruit borer  Shoot and fruit borer
 2.  Bhendi fruit borer  okra fruit borer
 3.  Shoot weevil  okra shoot weevil
 4.  Stem weevil  Okra Stem weevil
 5.  Leaf roller  okra leaf roller
 6.  Semilooper  Okra semi looper
 7.  Whitefly  bhendi whitefly
 8.  Jassids  Bhendi jassids
 9.  Aphid   okra aphid
 10.  Red cotton bug  okra red cotton bug


Integrated pest management practices

  • Sowing of YVMV resistant cultivars viz. parbhani kranti, makhmali, tulsi, Anupama-1, Varsha Uphar, Hisar Unnat, Arka anamika, Hisar Naveen and Sun-40 etc. especially during kharif season of the crop.
  • Seed treatment with imidacloprid 70WS or thiomethoxam 30FS @ 5gm/ kg of seed.
  • Grow maize/sorghum on borders as a barrier to prevent the entry of shoot & fruit borer adults.
  • Set up yellow sticky and delta traps for whiteflies.
  • Erection of bird perches @10/acre in the field for facilitating bird predation.
  • Give two to three sprays of NSKE @ 5% alternating with sprays of pesticides, if needed, against leafhopper, whitefly and mites etc.
  • Install pheromone traps @ 5/ acre for monitoring of Earias vittella moth emergence. Replace the lures after every 30-40 days interval.
  • Release egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis @1-1.5 lakh/ ha starting from 30-35 days after sowing, 4-5 times at weekly interval for shoot & fruit borer.
  • Shoot & fruit borer, Earias vittella if crosses ETL (5 % infestation), spray cypermethrin 25 EC @ 200 g a.i/ha or spinosad 45SC @ 0.3 ml/lit or emamectin benzoate 25WG @ 0.4 gm/lit is effective against.
  • Rogue out the YVMV affected plants, if any, from time to time.
  • Periodically remove and destroy the borer affected shoots and fruits.
  • Need based application of chemical pesticides viz. imidacloprid 17.8SL @ 150 ml/ha, cypermethrin 25EC @ 200 g a.i/ha (0.005%), quinalphos 25EC @ 0.05% or propargite 57 EC @ 0.1 % for control of leafhoppers, whiteflies, borers and mites.
  • Removal and destruction of alternate weed hosts near the surrounding field.



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