Improved Production Technologies for Pulses

List of Technologies Assessed

List of technologies assessed Productivity (% increase over FP) Profitability (% increase over FP) Replicability Micro-farming situation
Assessment of productivity of chickpea and linseed through improved variety and row ratio. 30.8 19.26 Rainfed Mono-cropping, clay soil
Management of root rot/wilt in chickpea through tolerant variety. 36.50 27.4 High Rainfed Mono-cropping, clay and clay loam soil
Management of field pea powdery mildew through timely sowing. 70 56.50 Medium Rainfed mono-cropping
Evaluation of promising genotype of lentil. 26.80 24.50 High Rainfed Mono-cropping, clay and clay loam soil
Management of pigeon pea wilt through resistance variety. 26.80 22.40 Medium Rainfed mono-cropping, loam soil
Management of wilt, pod borer and weeds in pigeon pea + sorghum mixed cropping systems. 34.50 27.80 Medium Rainfed mono-cropping loam soil
Assessment of balanced Buffaloo feed using locally available crop residues. 22.73 18.70 Medium
Assessment of pigeonpea and sorghum inter cropping system through the use of appropriate row ratio, improved varieties and irrigation. 28.40 25.50 Medium Rainfed Mono-cropping, loam and sandy loam soil
Management of YMV in kharif mungbean through resistant variety. 48.50 44.75 High Rainfed and irrigated loam and clay loam soil
Control of yellow mosaic virus in Kharif season urdbean through resistant variety. 58.0 32.0 Medium -do-


List of Technologies Refined

List of technologies refined Source of technology Description of the recommended technology Refinement made in the recommended technology Micro-farming situation
Assessment of Integrated Nutrient Management in chickpea IIPR, Kanpur 18 Kg. N + 46 Kg. P 2 O 5 + 20 Kg. S/ha 9 Kg. N + 23 Kg. P 2 O 5 /ha + Rhizobium culture Partial irrigated, clay loam and loam soil
Management of pod-borer in chickpea IIPR, Kanpur NPV @ 250 L.e/ha + ½ dose of Endosulphan (0.07%) followed by NSKE (5%) at one week interval One spray of Endosulphan (0.07%) followed by NSKE (5%) at ten days interval Rainfed and irrigated loam and clay loam soil
Assessment of fertilizer application under limited farmers’ resource. IIPR, Kanpur 18 Kg N + 46 Kg. P 2 O 5 + 20 Kg. S/ha 9 Kg. N + 23 Kg. P 2 O 5 + 10 kg. S/ha -do-
Management of root rot/ wilt in lentil through seed treatment with bio agents and summer ploughing. IIPR, Kanpur Summer ploughing and seed treatment with Trichoderma viridae + Vitavax Seed treatment with Bavistin and Trichoderma viridae -do-
Weed management in pigeonpea + sorghum cropping system. IIPR, Kanpur Pendimethelin @ 1.25 a.i./ha + one weeding after 35 DAS Pendimethelin @ 1.25 a.i./ha -do-
Control of pod fly /pod borer in pigeonpea IIPR, Kanpur NPV (350 L.e) + ½ dose of Monocrotophos 5% NSKE followed by 0.04 Monocrotophos at one week interval -do-
Control of pod fly /pod borer in pigeonpea IIPR, Kanpur Dimethorate 0.036 followed by NPV (350 L.e) + ½ dose of Monocrotophos -do-
Assessment of productive cropping system IIPR, Kanpur and JNKVV, Jabalpur Soybean and short duration variety of paddy Rainfed clay loam soil


List of Fully Validated Technologies Ready For Dissemination & Adoption

  • DCP 92-3 and JG 315 varieties of chickpea are widely accepted and compatible to existing situations
  • Narendra Arhar-1 variety of pigeon pea in wilt prone areas.
  • Widely accepted a variety of lentil DPL 62 under wilt prone situations of Bundelkhand region.
  • IPU 94-1 variety of urdbean.
  • Wide acceptance of 9 Kg N + 23 kg P2O5 + 10 Kg S/ha dose of fertiliser has been found in chickpea and lentil by each category of farmers in Hamirpur and Unnao districts of Uttar Pradesh
  • Use of 75-80 Kg/ha seed of chickpea as farmers were using 90-100 Kg/ha before implementation of the project
  • Wide adoption of seed inoculation with Rhizobium culture
  • Spraying of 5% Neem Seed Kernel Extract (NSKE) for the control of pod borer in chickpea and pigeon pea has been found effective, promising and widely accepted by the farmers



  • Indian Institute of Pulses Research


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