Pests of Guava

Guava is one of the most commercial fruits in India.Its production isn’t affected by many pests. The few pests attracted to trees seldom cause severe damage and most are controllable.For the protection of these trees, proper identification and management of pests should be adopted.

Major pests of Guava are:-



 1.  Fruit borer: Congethes (=Dichocrocis) punctiferalis  Congethes punctiferalis
 2.  Fruit borersDeudorix (Virachola) isocrates  fruit borer
 3.  Fruit borer: Rapala varuna  Rapala varuna
 4.  Guava fruit fly: Bactrocera diversus  guava fruit fly
 5.  Bark eating caterpillars: Indarbella sp  bark eating caterpillar
 6.  Tea mosquito bug: Helopeltis antonii  tea mosquito bug
 7.  Green Scale: Coccus viridis  sapota green scale
 8.  Tailed mealy bug: Ferrisa virgata  tailed mealy bug
 9.  Spiraling whitefly: Aleurodicus dispersus  



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