Groundnut leaf miner

Groundnut leaf miner:  Aproaerema modicella

Symptoms of damage:

  • Young larvae initially mine into the leaflets, feed on the mesophyll and form small brown blotches on the leaf
  • Later stages larvae web the leaflets together and feed on them, remaining within the folds
  • Severely attacked field looks “burnt” from a distance

Identification of the pest:

  • Eggs: Shiny white and are laid singly on the underside of the leaflets.
  • Larvae: Green in colour with dark head and prothroax
  • Adult: Brownish grey moth, 6 mm long with 10 mm wingspanForewings with a white spot on the costal margin.


ETL: 1 larvae/meter row

  • Set up light traps @12/ha
  • Apply any one of the following insecticides
    • Dimethiate 30 EC 660 ml/ha
    • Malathion 50 EC 1.25 l/ha
    • Methyl demeton 25% EC 1000 ml/ha.



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