Groundnut Jassids

Groundnut Jassids: Empoasca kerri

Symptoms of damage:
  • Nymphs and adults inject toxins resulting in whitening of veins and chlorotic patches especially at the tips of leaflets, in a typical ‘V’ shape.
  • The heavily attacked crop looks yellow and gives a scorched appearance known as ‘hopper burn’.
Identification of the pest:
  • Adult: Elongate, active, wedge shape, green insects.
  • Timely sowing of the crop and field sanitation
  • Crop rotation with non-host crop
  • Intercropping with pearl millet
  • Avoid groundnut-castor intercrop, it increases the infestation
  • Irrigate once to avoid prolonged mid-season drought to prevent pre-harvest
  • Spray dimethoate 30EC @ 650ml/ha in 600 liter water.



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