Grasshopper: Hieroglyphus banian

Short horned grasshopper: Oxya  nitidula 

Symptoms of damage:

  • Irregular feeding on seedlings and leaf blade
  • Cutting of stem at panicle stage
  • Completely defoliate the plants leaving only the mid ribs

Identification of insect pest :

  • Eggs: 30-40 yellowish eggs are laid in groups and covered with gummy like substance
  • Nymph: Nymphs feed on grasses and paddy
  • Adults

Hieroglyphus banian:  1½ inch in length, green, larger with transverse black lines above the pronotum
Oxya nitidula: 1 inch in length with transverse brownish lines above the pronotum


  • Spray the crop with chlorpyriphos 20 EC 1250 ml/ha.



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