Gram caterpillar

Gram caterpillar: Helicoverpa armigera

Symptoms of damage:

  • Early instar feeds on foliage
  • Grown up larvae mainly bore into the fruits.

Identification of pest:

  • Eggs: Are spherical in shape and creamy white in colour, laid singly
  • Larva: Shows colour variation from greenish to brown
  • Pupa: Brown in colour, occurs in soil, leaf, pod and crop debris
  • Adult: Female is brownish yellow stout moth, Male is light greenish in colour with “V” shaped markings.


  • Collect and destroy the infected fruits and grown up larvae
  • Setup pheromone trap with Helilure at 15/ha
  • Six releases of Trichogramma chilonis @50,000/ha per week coinciding with flowering time
  • Release Chrysoperla carnea at the weekly interval at 50,000 eggs or grubs/ha from 30 DAS.
  • Spray HaNPV at 1.5×1012 POB/ha along with cottonseed oil 300 g/ha to kill larvae.
  • Spray carbaryl 50 WP 2 g/lit or B. thuringiensis 2 g/lit
  • Provide poison bait with carbaryl 1.25 kg, rice bran 12.5 kg, jaggery 1.25 kg and water 7.5 lit/ha or spray any one of the following insecticide
  • Spray any one of the following insecticides
Insecticide Dose
Emamectin benzoate 5 % SG 4 g/10 lit.
Flubendiamide 20 WDG 6.0 g /10 lit.
Indoxacarb 14.5 % SC 6.5 ml/10 lit.
Novaluron 10 % EC 7.5 ml/10 lit.
Spinosad 45 % SC 3.2 ml/10 lit.
Thiodicarb 75 % WP 2.0 g/lit.



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