Goat Breeds

Goat Breeds

There are about 13 well-known Indian goat breeds, apart from a number of local non-descript animals
scattered throughout the country. The breeds are described on the basis of their locations. They are
suited as per their local agro-climatic conditions. The important breeds are Himalayan breed Pashmina, Chegu, Jamnapari, Beetal, Barbari, Marwari (Mehsana and Zelwadi), Berari, Kathiawari, Deccani (Osmanabadi), Malabari (Tellicherry), Assam hilly breed and Black Bengal.

Exotic Breeds

Apart from indigenous breeds, there are exotic breeds catching attention as they are more productive
and fast growing. The principal exotic dairy breeds of goat are Toggenberg, Saanan, French Alpine and Nubian. They are well known throughout the world on account of their high milk yield. These breeds are being tried in India for evolving, suitable crossbreds, and new breeds with more milk or for improving the nondescript.




  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa


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