Chilli Fusarium wilt

Chilli Fusarium wilt: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.capsici

  • Fusarium wilt is characterised by wilting of the plant and upward and inward rolling of the leaves. The leaves turn yellow and die.
  • Generally appear localised areas of the field where a high percentage of the plants wilt and die, although scattered wilted plants may also occur.
  • Disease symptoms are characterised by an initial slight yellowing of the foliage and wilting of the upper leaves that progress in a few days into a permanent wilt with the leaves still attached.
  • By the time above – ground symptoms are evident, the vascular system of the plant is discoloured, particularly in the lower stem and roots.
  • Use of wilt resistant varieties.
  • Drenching with 1% Bordeaux mixture or Blue copper or Fytolan 0.25% may give protection.· Seed treatment with 4g Trichoderma viride formulation or 2g Carbendazim per kg seed is effective. Mix 2kg T.viride formulation mixed with 50kg FYM, sprinkle water and cover with a thin polythene sheet. When mycelia growth is visible on the heap after 15 days, apply the mixture in rows of chilli in an area of one acre.



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