Fruit sucking moth

Fruit sucking moth: Otheris materna, O. ancilla, O. fullonica

Symptoms of damage:

  • Adult pierce the fruit, sucks the juice causing rottening and dropping

Identification of pest:

  • Larva:  orange blue and yellow spots on velvety dark speckled on the body
  • Adult:  stout moth and orange coloured wing
  • Otheris materna: three black spots on the fore wing


  • Destroy the weed host Tinospora cardifolia and coccules pendules
  • Use light trap or food lure to attract moths
  • Apply smoke to prevent adult moth
  • Bag the fruit with polythene bag (500 gauge)
  • Trap crop – growing tomato crop in orchards to attract the adult moth
  • Poison bait
    • dilute suspension of fermented molasses and malathion 0.05% (50 EC at 1ml/lit)



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