Freshwater Ornamental Fish of Bihar

Freshwater Ornamental Fish of Bihar-The state of Bihar is endowed with vast and varied inland aquatic resourcesviz. Rivers, canals, reservoirs, ox-bow lakes, flood plain lakes, ponds and tanks. Fishing and fish culture is traditionally practiced in rural areas of the state and a large number of population in general and fishers in particular depend on fisheries, aquaculture and allied activities for their livelihood and nutritional security. The state has huge underutilized and untapped fisheries resources which offer immense potential for fish production. Ornamental fisheries is one of the emerging sector which has the potential to ameliorate socio-economic condition of the rural community. Ornamental or aquarium fishes form not only an important commercial component of fisheries but also provide aesthetic value and help in upkeep of the environment. However, our contribution to world trade of ornamental fish is negligible.Presently about 210 species of indigenous ornamental fishes are being exported to different countries of the world. Bihar is one of the state which has a series of small aquarium fishes viz. colisa, loaches puntius, glass fish, eels etc., found in maun, chaurs, canals and river systems of West Champaran, East Champaran, Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Madhubani, Rohtas and Bhojpur districts. These fishes are rich in nutrient value and also have ornamental values. But, the knowledge of their distribution pattern, behavior, population characteristics, diversity, captive breeding is lacking. Therefore, it is essential to organize and develop the sector with a view to provide employment to rural youth and women and strengthen the economy of the state. The effort is made to enlist and identify ornamental fishes from different districts of Bihar.

Some fishes are :-
1.)  Puntius phutunio
2.) Puntius chola
3.) Puntius conchonius
4.) Puntius sophore
5.) Puntius ticto
6.) Puntius terio
7.) Puntius gelius
8.) Puntius sarana
9.) Oreichthys cosuatis
10.) Rasbora den icon
11.) Rasbora rasbora
12.) Nemacheilus pavonaceus
13.) Nemacheilus triangularis
14.) Nemacheilus botia
15.) Lepidocephalus thermalis
16.) Botia lohachata
17.) Botia dario
18.) Botia dayi
19.) Mystus tengra
20.) Mystus vittatus
21.) Mystus bleekeri
22.) Mystus cavasius
23.) Pseudeutropius
24.) Aorichthys aor
25.) Salmostoma phulo
26.) Ompokpabda
27.) Chaca chaca
28.) Wallago attu
29.) Bagarius bagarius
30.) Hara jardonii
31.) Gangata cenia
32.) Glyptothorax annadalei
33.) Eristhistes pussilus
34.) Tetradon cutcutia
35.) Colisa fasciatus
36.) Colisa lalia
37.) Colisa sota
38.) Anabas testudineus
39.) Xenentodon cancila
40.) Channa marulius
41.) Channa orientalis
42.) Channa gachua
43.) Channa stewartii
44.) Glossogobius giuris
45.) Pisodonofis boro
46.) Mastasembelus guntheri
47.) Nandus nandus
48.) Amblypharyngodon mola
49.) Chanda ranga
50.) Chanda nama
51.) Macrognathus pancalus
52.) Mastacembelus armatus
53.) Channa striatus
54.) Macrognathus aculeatus
55.) Notopterus chitala
56.) Notopterus notopterus
57.) Barilius bola
58.) Barilius bendelisis
59.) Pisodonophis boro
60.) Labeo calbasu
61.) Labeo bata
62.) Brachydanio rario
63.) Oreichtys cosuatis
64.) Chela laubca Indian
65.) Pangasius pangasius
66.) Badis assamensis
67.) Dario devario
68.) Noemachielus rupeli
69.) Olyra longicaudata
70.) Pseudeutropius atherinoides
71.) Botia rostrata
72.) Danio dangila
73.) Garra gotyla gotyla
74.) Aplocheilus panchax
75.) Ompok bimaculatus
76.) Nangra nangra
77.) Ctenops nobilis
78.) Chela dadiburjori
79.) Hara hara
80.) Botia striata



  • Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute, Barrackpore


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