French bean diseases

Major French bean diseases are:-

1.French bean Cercospora Leaf Spots: Cercospora malayensis, C. abelmoschi

French bean Cercospora leaf spot

  • In India, two species of Cercospora produce leaf spots in bhindi.
  • C. Malayensis causes brown, irregular spots and C.abelmoschi causes sooty black, angular spots.
  • Both the leaf spots cause severe defoliation and are common during humid seasons.
  • Spraying Mancozeb 0.25 % control the disease.


2.Rhizoctonia bean blight: Rhizoctoniasolani

bean blight

  • On the stem, these are red brown shrunken spots just near the ground.
  • Treatment of seed with Carbendazim 50 WP (2 g/kg seed)
  • On the appearance of symptoms on the plant in a dry and humid environment, spray Carbendazim 50 WP (0.5g/ litre of water).


3. French bean Angular leaf spot: Phaeoisariopsis griseola

french bean angular leaf spot

  • On the leaves, there are angular red brown spots
  • Use healthy seeds.
  • Adopt 2-year crop rotation in an infected field.
  • Spray Carbendazim 50 WP (50 g/100 litre of water) or Mancozeb (250 g/100 litre of water).




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