Finger paint

General Information

Finger paint are Sun-loving coleus known for their vibrant and attractive foliage. It has burgundy and lime-yellow bicoloured foliage. Irregular burgundy splashes on lime green to yellow leave make this a colourful addition to summer gardens, pots, mixed containers or landscape beds. The height of the plant varies between 8-20” in height, which makes them ideal for pots on the courtyard or in the house, in border fringes or raised garden beds. They tolerate partial shade to full sunlight.


Salient features
Plant Height 70.333 cm
Number of leaves 38.444
Number of branches 5.333
Stem girth 0.762 cm
Length of the leaf with petiole 17.778 cm
Petiole length 5.256 cm
The diameter of the leaf stalk 0.207 cm
Leaf width 9.000 cm
Length of the leaf without petiole 13.083 cm




  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa


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