Establishment and maintenance of mother block

Selection of the elite mother plant will be done with the greatest care since the performance of the progeny depends entirely upon the characteristics of the mother plant. While selecting plants following basic characteristics have been considered (i) Consistently high performance and yield over several years (ii) Healthy and free from the incidence of diseases and insect pests (iii) Plants with appropriate quality parameters. The maintenance of these blocks will be done regularly so that they remain healthy and free from diseases and insect pests.

With the objective of making available enough number of propagating shoots/sticks, it is always advisable to establish new mother plant block by purchasing from reliable source initially. A layout of selected crops/varieties will be maintained in the mother block with the proper record. The maintenance of mother plants, right from the time of planting to the stage of harvesting will be done. Agrotechniques will be followed judiciously so that vigorous and healthy plants are made available for multiplication.

These plants will regularly be pruned to keep them in vegetative phase and to produce enough shoots for
propagation round the year. The maintenance of these blocks will be done rigorously to achieve the target of healthy, disease and insect free plants. To avoid over crowding and problem of light penetration, canopy management will be practised depending on the situation.



  • National Research Centre for Litchi