Electric lime

General Information

Electric lime has lime green coloured toothed leaves with contrasting and prominent bright yellowish white spots and streaks all over and has distinct white leaf veins. Leaves are greenish with white spots underneath and stems and petioles are greenish-white in colour. It could be used in planters because of its gorgeous and elegant look. They had a uniform growth pattern and consistent colouration. It can also be planted in garden beds, pots and baskets and can be planted more densely. It has stunning colour and unique leaf patterns and is suited for full sun and shade. Its bright lemon-lime leaves electrify the shady areas of landscape.

Salient features
Plant Height 54.667 cm
Number of leaves 18.667
Number of branches 3.667
Stem girth 0.672 cm
Length of leaf with petiole 15.000 cm
Petiole length 2.633 cm
The diameter of the leaf stalk 0.257 cm
Leaf width 7.000 cm
Length of the leaf without petiole 12.667 cm



  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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