Ear head bug

Ear head bug: Calocoris angustatus

Symptom of damage:

  • Nymphs and adult suck the juice from within the grains when they are in the milky stage
  • Grains shrink and turn black in colour and ill filled (or) chaffy
  • Orange and pale green nymphs and adults are seen on the ear head

Identification of the pest:

  • Egg: Blue cigar shaped, laid under the glumes or into the middle of the florets
  • Nymphs: Slender, green in colour
  • Adults: Male is green in colour. Female is green with a brown margin


  • Apply any one of the following on 3rd and 18th day after panicle emergence
      • Carbaryl 10 D @25 kg/ha
      • Malathion 5 D @25 kg/ha
      • Phosalone 4 D @25 kg/ha
      • Neem seed kernel extract 5%
      • Azadirachtin 1%



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