Chilli Damping off

Chilli Damping off: Pythium aphanidermatum 

  • The populations in nursery seedlings die due to this diseases
  • Mycelium are hyaline and Aseptate and it has width size 5 micron
  • Irregular mycelial fibres grown and thus produce irregular shape spores
  • Seedlings killed before emergence
  • Water soaking and shrivelling of stem
  • Factors favouring infection: Moist soils poordrainage 90-100% R.H soil temperature 20°C
  • Impact of disease symptoms shown at after sowing of seeds in seed beds
  • It will reduce the seed germination percentage
  • it affects the young seedlings and their stems
  • lodging of seedlings due to weakening stems
  • disease affected seedling are seen light brownish colour
  • diseases spread through seeds and soil.
  • Soil drenching with Copper oxychloride 0.25%
  • avoid shade places for nursery establishment
  • use recommended seed rate
  • avoid flooding type of irrigation and maintain optimum moisture level in the nursery
  • use Thiram or Capton @ 4g/ kg of seeds for seed rate



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