Insect pest of Cowpea

Cowpea is a warm season crop and thrives in hot, moist conditions.There are some major pests of this crop which can damage the crop and cause economic loss.For the protection of crop, proper identification and management of pests should be adopted.

Major pests of Cowpea are:-



 1. Gram pod borer: Helicoverpa armigera  gram pod borer
 2. Spotted pod borer: Maruca vitrata  spotted pod borer
 3. Spiny pod borer: Etiella zinckenella  gram Spiny pod
 4. Grass blue butterfly: Euchrysops cnejus  grass blue butterfly
 5. Blue butterfly: Lampides boeticus  blue butterfly
 6. Bean Aphids: Aphis craccivora  bean alphids
 7. Leaf hopper: Empoasca kerri  leafhopper
 8. Pod bugs: Riptortus pedestris  pod bugs
 9. Lab lab bug or Stink bug: Coptosoma cribraria  lab lab bug
 10. Whitefly: Bemisia tabaci  white fly
 11. Blister beetle: Mylabris phalerata  blister beetle



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