Cotton Verticillium wilt

Cotton Verticillium Wilt: Verticillium dahliae

  • It affects the crop in square and boll formation stages
  • Bronzing of veins followed by interveinal chlorosis, yellowing and scorching of leaves
  • Leaves exhibit drying of leaf margins and areas between veins known as “Tiger stripe symptom”
  • Affected plants remain barren showing pinkish discolouration in stem and wood. It may produce smaller bolls
  • Treat the delinted seeds with Carboxin or Carbendazim at 4 g/kg.
  • Remove and destroy the infected plant debris after deep ploughing in summer months (June-July).
  • Apply heavy doses of farm yard manure or compost at 100t/ha.
  • Follow crop rotation by growing paddy or lucerne or chrysanthemum for 2-3 years.
  • Spot drench with 0.05 % Benomyl or 0.1 % Carbendazim.



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