Cotton Stem Weevil

Cotton Stem Weevil:  Pempheres (Pempherulus) affinis

Symptoms of damage

  • Swellings on the stem just above the ground level
  • Young plants are invariably killed
  • Older plants that survive lack vigor and strength, breaks at the nodes due to strong wind

Identification of the pest

  • Larva – Grub, white in colour without leg (apodous)
  • Adult – Very small weevil, dark in colour with two small white patches on the elytra


  • ETL: 10% infestation
  • Basal application of FYM 25 t/ha and 250 kg/ha of neem cake
  • Seed treatment with chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 10ml/kg of seed+ Drenching collar region with chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2.5ml/ l on 15 and 30 DAS+ earthing up
  • Spray any one of the following insecticides
    • Carbaryl50 WP 2.5 kg/ha
    • Carbofuran 3G 33.3 kg/ha.



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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