Cotton insect pests and their management

Cotton is one of an important fibre and cash crop in India. It is susceptible to a wide range of insect pests. For the protection of crop, proper identification and management of crops should be adopted.

Major pests of Cotton are:-



 1.  Fruit borer  fruit borer
 2.  Pink bollworm  Pink Bollworm
 3.  Spotted bollworms  spotted bollworm
 4.  Cotton Stem Weevil  cotton stem weevil
 5.  Shoot weevil  shoot weevil
 6.  Stem borer  Cotton stem borer
 7.  Leaf roller  Leaf roller
 8.  Tobacco Cutworm  tobacco cut worm
 9.  Ash weevils   Ash weevil
 10.  Leafhopper  Leaf hopper
 11.  Cotton aphid   cotton alphid
 12.  Thrips  thrips
 13.  Whitefly   Whitefly
 14.  Red cotton bug  Red cottonbug
 15.  Dusky cotton bug   dusky cotton bug
 16.  Mealybugs  mealy bugs




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