Cotton diseases and management

Cotton is an Important Kharif crop and is being cultivated in more than 83 countries of tropic and subtropic regions with diverse climatic conditions. There are various diseases which may cause significant damage to the cotton crop. For the protection of crop, identification of diseases and their management should be done properly.

Major Cotton diseases are:-

S.No. Diseases
 1.  Fusarium wilt  cotton wilt
 2.  Verticillium wilt  verticillium wilt
 3.  Root rot  cotton root rots
 4.  Grey or Areolate mildew  Areolate mildew of cotton
 5.  Boll rot  boll rot of cotton

cotton boll rot

 6.  Alterneria leaf blight  alternaria leaf blight
 7.  Myrothecium leaf spot  cotton Myrothecium leaf spot
 8.  Cercospora leaf spot  Cotton Cercospora leaf spot
 9.  Bacterial blight  bacterial blight of cotton
 10.  Tobacco Streak Virus  Tobacco streak virus



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