Colocasia diseases

Major Colocasia diseases are:-

1.Colocasia Root rot: Pythium sp.

  • The pathogen cause stunting. Infected taro plants have a fringe of roots at the base of the petioles.
  • They are easy to pull out or knock over and usually smell bad.


2.Leaf blight of Colocasia: Phytophthora sp.

Leaf blight of Colocasia

  • In its early stages, Phytophthora leaf blight occurs as small dark brown or purple lesions with an amber ooze in the center.
  • Older lesions are zonate with white fuzz of sporangia on the outer edge.
  • Hot Water Disinfestations
  • Fallows for Disease Suppression.
  • Isolate plantings (e.g., three small, separate patches instead of one large patch).
  • Prepare the soil well and amend it before planting if calcium, magnesium, or phosphorus are needed.
  • Monitor plant calcium levels by leaf analysis, and maintain calcium at recommended concentrations to prevent the development of Pythium corm rot.
  • Add lime material before planting to raise soil pH to 6.0-6.8.
  • Rotate taro with other crops.
  • Incorporate compost and apply surface mulch.
  • Rogue (kill and remove) diseased plants, taking them far from the planting area and destroying them by burying, burning (if allowed), or composting



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