Pests of Cole Crops

Cole crops are the plants that belong to Mustard(Brassica) family and are all the descendants of wild cabbage. This crop includes Brussels Sprout, Cabbage, Kale, Cauliflower, CollKale, Kohlrabi, Mustard, Broccoli, Turnip etc.As a group, these plants grow better in Cold Weather. There are some pests that can cause damage to these crops, therefore it is necessary to prevent crops. Hence some major pests and their treatment are given below:-

Major pests of cole crops are:-

 S.No.  Pests
 1.  Diamondback moth  diamond back moth
 2.  Cabbage borer  cabbage borer
 3.  Leaf Webber cole crops leafwebber
 4.  Cabbage green Semilooper  cabbage green semilooper
 5.  Cabbage butterfly  cabbage butterfly
 6.  Tobacco caterpillar  tobacco cut worm
 7.  Cabbage aphid  cabbage aphids
 8.  Mustard Aphid  mustard aphids



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