Citrus butterfly

Citrus butterfly: Papilio demolious, P. Polytes, P.helenus

Symptoms of damage:

  • Caterpillars prefers on light green tender leaves feeding voraciously and leaving only the mid-ribs
  • Severe infestation the entire tree gets defoliated

Identification of pest:

  • Larva: Early stage larva resembles a bird dropping. Grown up larva is cylindrical, stout, green and brown lateral bond
  • Adult: Dark brown swallowtail butterfly with numerous yellow marking


  • Hand pick the larvae and destroy
  • First instar – Spraying of 1ml DDVP (Nuvan)
  • Field release of parasitoids Trichogramme evanescens and Telenomus sp on eggs of Brachymeria sp larvae and Pterolus sp pupae




  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal.
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