Citrus Black fly

Citrus Black fly: Aleurocanthus woglumi

Symptoms of damage:

  • The cell sap is sucked from the leaves – piercing stylet
  • Leaf curling
  • Leaves fall off immaturely
  • Honeydew secrecation development of sooty mould fungus
  • Leaf turns to black in colour and affects photosynthetic activity of the leaves
  • Affected trees produce – few blossoms which develop into insipid fruits

Identification of pest:

  • Nymphs: Are flattened, oval in shape and scale like in appearance
  • Adult: Minute insect, shiny black with grey dusting on the body. Wings are extending beyond the tip of the abdomen.


  • Collect and destroy the damaged plant parts along with nymphs, pupa and adults
  • Spray with 2 ml of chloropyriphos per litre of water
  • The entire plant canopy should be drenched with the solution.
  • Encourage activity of parasitoids, Encarsia sp., Eretomocerus serius and chlysoperla sp



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal.


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