Cercospora leaf blight / Purple seed stain

Cercospora leaf blight, leaf spot and Purple seed stainCercospora kikuchii

  • Infected leaves appear leathery, dark, reddish purple.
  • Severe infection causes rapid chlorosis and necrosis of leaf tissues, resulting in defoliation.
  • Lesions on petioles and stems are slightly sunken, reddish purple; severe cause defoliation.
  • Later, blighting of young, upper leaves over large areas, even entire fields occur.
  • Use healthy/certified seeds.
  • Previous crop debris should be removed.
  • Seed treatment with Thiram + Carbendazium (2:1) @ 3g/kg seed.
  • Use Mancozeb or copper oxychloride at 2.5g/l or Carbendazim 1 g/lit.



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