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Oil seeds and Cash crops ( तिलहनी एवं नकदी फसलें) – Kisan Suvidha
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Oil seeds and Cash crops ( तिलहनी एवं नकदी फसलें)

Sugarcane Pests and Diseases in Goa

Sugarcane in Goa is infested by following pests and diseases. Their nature of damage and control measures are suggested below: 1.Sugarcane...

सोयाबीन के विषाणु रोग

सोयाबीन के विषाणु रोग एवं प्रबंधन

वैसे तो सोयाबीन में बहुत से विषाणु रोग पाए जाते हैं । यदि इन रोगों  को समय से पहचान लिया...

मूंगफली के रोग

मूंगफली के प्रमुख रोग

मूंगफली को प्रभावित करने वाले 50 से अधिक रोगों को सूचीबद्ध किया गया है । इनमें से मुख्य रोगों के...

Sunflower disease

Sunflower disease management

There are some major Sunflower disease given below:- S.No. Diseases of Sunflower  1.  Alternaria Blight    2.  Rust    3.  Charcoal Rot    4.  Rhizopus Head Rot    5.  Sclerotium wilt or rot    6.  Sunflower Downy Mildew    7. Sunflower mosaic virus (SMV)     Monitoring for...

Safflower diseases

Major Safflower diseases are given below:- 1.Alternaria blight: Alternaria carthami Symptom: It is the most destructive disease. Dark necrotic lesions 2-5 mm in...

sesame diseases

Sesame diseases / Gingelly diseases

Major Sesame diseases are given below:- 1.Bacterial blight: Xanthomonas campestris pv. sesami  Symptom: Plants of all stage are affected. Water soaked, small and irregular...

groundnut diseases

Groundnut diseases and their management

Groundnut is one of the most important oilseed crops in India.For the good production and high yielding of Groundnut, the...

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