Diseases of Cassava and their control

Major diseases of Cassava are:-

1.Cassava Mosaic Disease:  Indian cassava mosaic virus

cassava mosaic disease
  • Mosaic symptom, reduction in leaf size, misshapen twisted leaves.
  •  The affected plants stunted, tuber splitting and yield reduction.
  • The virus spreads by infected setts and whitefly Bemisia tabaci
  • Selection of setts from healthy plants
  • Rouging infected plants in the field at early stage
  • Management of whitefly by installing yellow sticky traps, removal of weed hosts, spray Neem oil 3% or Methyl dematon @ 2ml/lit.
  • Spraying of systemic insecticide like dimethoate 1 ml/lit to control the vector
  • Use of resistant variety CTCRRI Co (TP)5- Sripadmanaba suited for Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


2.Cassava Brown leaf spot: Cercospora henningsii

cassava brown leaf spot

  • Spots are produced on both the sides of leaves.
  • On upper surface, brown spots with dark border appear.
  • On the lower side of the leaf spots with a grey centre and less distinct margin appears. The infected leaves turn yellow and dry up.
  • Spray with Copper oxychloride 0.25%.


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