Carrot diseases

Major Carrot diseases are:-

  • 1.Carrot Bacterial blightXanthomonas campestris pv.carotae
carrot bacterial blight
  • The bacterium causes an irregular brown spot on leaves, dark brown streaks on petioles and a blighting of floral parts.
  • Lesions on foliage begin as small yellow spots.
  • Soon the centre of the spots they become dry and brittle with an irregular halo.
  • Spraying early with Copper oxychloride 0.25 %.


2.Carrot Bacterial soft rotErwinia carotovora sp. Carotovora

Carrot bacterial soft rot

  • Cells become water soaked, the middle lamella is destroyed and the cells collapse into a soft, watery slimy mass.
  • The rotted tissues are grey to brown. they may be accomplished by a foul odour.
  • The decay develops most rapidly along the core of the root.
  • Dipping in a solution of 1:500 of sodium hypochlorite before storage or transits reduce the disease.


3.Carrot Cercospora leaf spot: Cercospora carotae

  • The first symptom usually appears as elongated lesions along the edge of the leaf segment.
  • Non-marginal lesions appear as small, pinpoint chlorotic spots which show develop into a necrotic center surrounded by a diffuse chlorotic border.
  • Coalescence of spots is common. linear dark lesions develop on the petiole, sometimes girdling the latter and killing the leaf.
  • Spraying at 10 days interval with Copper oxychloride or Mancozeb.
  • Seed treatment with Captan 4g/kg


4.Carrot Sclerotinia Rot or White mold: Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

carrot sclerotina rot
  • Carrots may show little or no damage incidence in the field but following washing and storage white mold outbreaks often occur on the stored roots.
  • Only a small percentage of the roots may be initially infected but the fungus mycelium can move very rapidly from carrot to carrot.
  • In a matter of weeks, the whole storage container may become a mass of white mold and black sclerotia surrounding each and every carrot.
  • Frequent inspection in storage, low temperatures, aeration and washing in a final water of 2-5 % diluted bleach solution may give adequate control (1 part bleach, (sodium hypochlorite) to 20 parts water.




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