Pests of Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the oldest known spices in the world.Evergreen forests of Western Ghats of South India are considered as the centre of origin as well as the natural habitat of this crop. It is commercially cultivated for its dried fruits(capsules), which is also referred as cardamom of commerce.

Family: Zigniberaceae.

Scientific Name: Elettaria cardamomum.

There are some insect pests that may cause damage to the crop.For the protection of crop, proper identification and management of these pests are required.

Major pests of Cardamom are:-



 1.  Thrips  cardamom thrips
 2.  Shoot, panicle and capsule borer  

cardamom capsule borer

 3.  Beetle borer  Cardamom beetle borer
 4.  Hairy caterpillars  cardamom hairy caterpillar
 5.  Shoot fly  Cardamom Shoot fly
 6. Aphid  Cardamom aphid
7.  White flies  whitefly
8.  Root grubs  root grub

Integrated pest management


  • Destroy rhizomes infested with immature stages of the weevil
  • Avoid planting banana inside its plantation and destroy host plant like Colocasia and Alocasia to control aphid infestation
  • Cultivar Malabar variety, resistant to thrips. The hybrid Vazhukla is moderately resistant


  • Quinalphos or dimethoate 0.1% against thrips, phosphomidon or dimethoate 0.1% against aphids and monocrotophos 0.1% against shoot borer effective


  • Field release of parasitoids Xanthopimpla australicus, pupal parasite of shoot borer
  • Beauveria sp (white fungus) on hairy caterpillar
  • Verticillium entertextum (Fungus) on aphids



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