Cabbage head borer

Cabbage head borer: Hellula undalis

Symptoms of damage:

  • Caterpillars initially mine the leaves and make it white papery
  • Later they feed on leaves and bore into stems
  • Entrance hole is covered with silk and excreta

Identification of the pest:

  • Larva: Pale whitish brown with 4 or 5 pinkish-brown longitudinal stripes
  • Adult: Moths are pale greyish-brown, suffused with reddish colour. Forewings have grey wavy lines, an apical spot and pale edged dark lunule


  • Collection and careful destruction of the larvae at gregarious stage with leaves twice a week.
  • For control of grown up larvae apply 5% malathion dust @ 37.5 kg/ha or
    carbaryl 50 WP@ 375 g in 150 litres of water



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