Brinjal Ash weevils

Brinjal Ash weevils: Myllocerus subfasciatus, M. discolor, M. viridanus

Symptoms of damage:

  • Notching of leaf margins
  • Grubs feed on roots causing wilting of plants

Identification of pest:

  • Larva Grub: Small and apodous
  • Pupa: Pupates in soil in earthen cocoons
  • Adult:
    • M. maculosus: Greenish white with dark lines on elytra
    • M. subfasciatus: Brown
    • M. discolor: Brown and white spots
    • M. viridanus: Small light green weevil


  • Collect and destroy adults
  • Apply Neem cake @ 500 kg/ha at the time of last ploughing
  • In endemic areas, apply carbofuran 3 G @15 kg/ha on 15 days after planting
  • Spray carbaryl 50 WP @3g + wettable sulphur 2g/litre



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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