Blue butterfly

Blue butterfly: Lampides boeticus

Symptoms of damage

  • Buds, flowers and young pods with boreholes
  • The presence of slug-like Caterpillar.
  • Honeydew secretion with black ant movements

Identification of the pest

  • Larva – It is flat and slightly rounded; Pale green with a rough skin.
  • Adult – moth is greyish blue with prominent black spots in the hind wings and a long tail; Ventral side of wings with numerous stripes and brown spots


  • Avoid dense and close planting
  • Avoid early or late sowing
  • Regular soil digging cause death of larvae and pupae
  • Egg parasitoid, Trichogramma spp.,
  • Larval parasitoids, Hyperencyrtus lucoenephila and Litrodromus crassipes
  • Carbaryl 50 WP@ 1000 kg / ha



  • TNAU Agritech Portal
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