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किसान भाईयों के लिए कृषि सम्बन्धी सलाह

आज की वैज्ञानिक सलाह – धान की फसल में किसान रोपड़ी लगाने की


मटर की वैज्ञानिक खेती

मटर का प्रयोग हरी अवस्था में फलियों के रूप में सब्जी के लि


सोयाबीन कृषको के लिए उपयोगी सलाह / Advisory for Soybean farmers (13-19 Aug 2018)

सोयाबीन कृषको के लिए उपयोगी सलाह / Advisory for Soybean farmers मौसम विभाग स


Wheat diseases and their control

Major wheat diseases are:- 1.Wheat Leaf Rust /Brown Rust: Puccinia recondita Symptom: The postules are circular or slightly elliptical, smaller than


गेहूं का पौध संरक्षण

गेहूं में पौध संरक्षण केसे करे ? गेहूं एक प्रमुख धान्य फसल


Insect pests of Chickpea / Bengal Gram

Major pests of Chickpea are:- 1.Gram Pod Borer: Helicoverpa armigera Identification of the pest Eggs – are spherical in shape and creamy white in c


Chickpea diseases and their control

Major Chickpea diseases are:- 1.Chickpea Alternaria blight: Alternaria alternata Symptom: The disease occurs during the flowering stage of the crop.


चने की खेती-उत्तरप्रदेश

चना एक बहु उपयोगी दलहनी फसल है । चने में 21.1 प्रतिशत प्रटीन,


Pea diseases and their Management

Major Pea diseases are given below:- 1.Fusarium wilt: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. pisi Symptom: The first symptom of the disease in the field is droopin

Maize Stem borer

Stem borer: Chilo partellus Symptoms of damage: Larvae mines the midrib to cause “dead heart” Central shoot withers due to internal feeding ...


Stem fly: Atherigona orientalis Symptoms of damage: The maggot feeds on the young growing shoots results in “dead hearts” Identification of pest: Adult:...

Sorghum Midge

Sorghum midge: Contarinia sorghicola Symptom of damage: Pollen shedding due to egg laying White pupal cases protruding out from the grains Chaffy...

Earhead bug

Sorghum midge: Contarinia sorghicola Symptom of damage: Nymphs and adult suck the juice from within the grains when they are in the...

Shoot bug

Shoot bug: Peregrinus maidis Symptom of damage: Plants become unhealthy stunted and yellow The leaves wither from top downwards Honeydew secreted by...

Pink stem borer

Pink stem borer: Sesamia inferens Symptom of damage: Central shoots dried and produce the dead hearts Identification of the pest: Egg: Bead like laid...

Stem borer

Stem borer: Chilo partellus Symptom of damage: Withering and drying of central shoot “dead heart” Red mining in the midrib, bore holes...


Shootfly:  Atherigona varia soccata Symptom of damage: The maggot bores inside the stem and cuts the growing point Central shoots dried...

जूट की खेती

जूट की खेती / Jute farming

जूट एक द्विबीजपत्री, रेशेदार पौधा है। इसका तना पतला और बेलनाकार होता है। इसके रेशे बोरे, दरी, तम्बू, तिरपाल, टाट,...

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