Black Caladium or Princess Taro

General information

Black Caladium is a popular type known for its distinctive and pronounced greenish black foliage. Petiole colour is light green with small streaks. Adaxial (upper) leaf blade is greenish black and abaxial (lower) side is light greenish black. It has prominent green veins and a large silvery green central blotch with black patches all around. It is relatively a small variety, measuring 18 to 24 inches. It is an excellent addition to shady garden corners that need a little brightening up. It prefers filtered sun, full shade to partial shade. It is suitable for mass planting. It can even be planted in pots or as spectacular ground cover.


Salient features
Plant Height 26.67 cm
No. of Leaves 18.33
Length of leaf 14.00 cm
Width of leaf 10.50 cm
Petiole length 25.67 cm
Petiole girth 17.98 mm
Petiole colour Light green
Leaf shape Oval shaped



  • Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Ela, Old Goa, Goa
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