Bihar Hairy Caterpillar

Bihar Hairy Caterpillar: Spilosom aobliqua

Symptoms of damage:

  • Young larvae feed gregariously mostly on the under surface of the leaves
  • A caterpillar of later stages defoliates the field completely 

Identification of the pest:

  • Egg: Laid in clusters of 50-100 on the lower side of leaves
  • Larvae: Orange coloured with broad transverse band with tufts of yellow hairs that are dark at both ends
  • Pupa: Forms a thin silken cocoon by interwoven shed hairs of the larvae
  • Adult: Crimson coloured moth with black dots and a red abdomen. Wings are pinkish with numerous black spots 


  • Collection and destruction of eggs and early stage larvae
  • Spray NSKE 5% to kill early stage larvae
  • If grown up larvae are seen, spray quinalphos, chlorpyriphos @ 2ml/litre of water.



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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