Diseases of Ber

Major diseases of Ber are:-

1.Powdery mildew of Ber: Oidium erysiphoides f. sp. zizyphi

Powdery Mildew of Ber
  • The developing young leaves show a white powdery mass causing them to shrink and defoliate.
  • Small, white powdery growth appears on the young fruits which later enlarge and coalesce and final turn brown to dark brown.
  • In severe cases, the whole fruit surface gets covered with the powdery mass.
  • Affected young fruits drop off prematurely or become corky, cracked, misshapen and underdeveloped.
  • Matured fruits turn rusty. Sometimes the whole crop is rendered unmarketable.
  • Spraying of dinocap 0.05 per cent or wettable sulphur 0.25 per cent should be done during first and third weeks of November or when the fruit attains pea size.
  • Triton-AE or Teepol or Sandovit may be added for adhesion.


2. Ber leaf spot: Alternaria chartarum

Ber leaf spot

  • The disease is characterised by the formation of small irregular’ brown spot on the upper surface of the leaves.
  • On the lower surface, dark brown to black spots are formed.
  • The spots coalesce to form big patches. The diseased leaves later drop.
  • Plant debris serves as a potential source of primary infection.
  • The disease can be controlled effectively by spraying Mancozeb 0.25 per cent


3.Ber Soft rot: Phomopsis natsume

Ber soft rot

  • The disease appears as a light russet vinaceous coloured, irregular spot on the fruits.
  • It increases in size and makes the whole fruit into pulpy, brown to black in colour with soft and loose outer skin.
  • The disease can be-controlled by spraying with Carbendazim 0.05 per cent.


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