Bean Rust

Bean Rust: Uromyces appendiculaters

  • Bean rust is mainly a disease of bean leaves that causes rust-colored spots to form on the lower leaf surfaces.
  • Severely infected leaves turn yellow, wilt, and then drop off of the plant.
  • Stems and pods may also be infected. This disease is caused by the fungus Uromyces appendiculaters.
  • It affects most types of beans under humid conditions.
  • The fungus survives the winter in the soil, on plant debris and even on poles used the previous year. In gardens where rust has been severe, crop rotation is important.
  • As plants begin to bloom, sulphur or chlorothalonil can be sprayed weekly on snap and green beans only.
  • Do not apply chlorothalonil to lima (butter) beans. Wait seven days between spraying and harvest when using chlorothalonil on beans, and 14 days on Southern peas.
  • Apply chemicals according to directions on the label.




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